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As a “Born-Again Druid Folk Priestess”, Rebecca Troon has been in love with trees for many lifetimes. She grew up in Oregon with three older sisters in a musical family, started writing songs at 17, and began performing at 27.

She is “truly grateful for the inspiration, communication and joy” she finds in writing and performing. She loves seeing people laughing and sometimes crying as they identify with her lyrics. Her purpose is to be a source of love, music and healing.

She is currently working on her 2nd CD.

Rebecca, a.k.a."Troonie", has been called “A little Witch” by Wendy Waldman, “A Monster” by Kenny Edwards, and likened to “an Artesian Well on the beach in Georgia, where all the little birds know they can come and drink when the tide is low”, by Caroline Aiken. She treasures these words from these three people she adores as artists and as friends, and recommends to the reader that they stop reading this immediately, and go check out these three master’s inspiring music!

Favorite compliments from audience members:

The woman who came up with tears in her eyes and said, “Remember that song, ‘Killing Me Softly’ that Roberta Flack sang? That’s how I felt hearing your songs tonight!”

The drunk who walked out, saying, “I can’t stand this, it feels like I’m in church!”

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