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emPOWER Music and Arts

emPower Music and Arts is a community dedicated to positive global change through music, writing and the spoken word.


The ezFolk website is an instructional website for guitar and banjo, mostly geared towards beginners.

Folk Alliance (North American Folk Music and Dance Alliance)

A 'mostly acoustic' reference guide: Summer 2002 Music Camp Calendar & Minnesota Events Calendar

Homespun Tapes

Here's a great way to get year round help with all aspects of your musicianship and singing. I teach singing for Homespun Tapes. You can choose from a variety of lessons on singing, guitar playing, bass, banjo, fiddle, piano, mandolin,music theory, slide guitar etc... all excellent lessons with world famous teachers and performers. Check it out! - Penny Nichols

International Songwriters Association

The International Songwriters Association, founded in 1967, represents songwriters, lyricists, and music publishers throughout the world.

Muse's Muse Music Resources

Songwriting tips, tools, interactivities and opportunities to connect with other songwriters.

Music for the Love of It

Bimonthly newsletter for people who love making music. It is a musically literate forum in which amateur and professional musicians share stimulating ideas, up-to-date technical information and heartfelt enthusiasm for music-making.

M.U.S.I.C - (Musicians United for Songs In the Classroom, Inc. )

If you're interested in music education, check out the Learning From Lyrics site at M.U.S.I.C. for a great database of links to other sites.

The Princeton Songwriters, NSAI

Here is a resource for songwriters which you can't afford to miss if you live on the east coast.

Songwriters News

Great resource for all kinds of information related to songwriters.


Great resource for all kinds of information related to songwriters.

TAXI: Songwriting Resources

TAXI: Your source for songwriting tips, songwriter resources, songwriting articles, and song writing techniques


See you at... TROWBRIDGE SYMPOSIUM 2002 Showcase in Nashville Writer and band/artist showcases with industry reps present Awards, cash prizes. Field trips to Grand Ole Opry - Hall of Fame

Write Better Songs!:

Pete and Pat Luboff offer songwriting workshops, consultation, and books: "88 Songwriting Wrongs & How to Right Them" and "12 Steps to Building Better Songs." Site features helpful articles and lots of songwriting links.


Danny Arena & Sara Light
Karl Berger & Ingrid Sertso

Here's a link to the website of two of the finest Jazz composers and musicians in the country. You should definetly check out their beautiful music.

Bob Franke

Bob Franke (it rhymes with "Yankee") is at the peak of his considerable craft; brimming with the wise and spiritually generous songs for which he is best known, along with wrenchingly convincing topical songs and sugared with the hilarious. His are the kind of songs that really do have the power to change the world by being taken into the lives of people. They come to you, these songs.


Freebo's success in rock'n'roll has been well documented over the years. From bass player/band member with Bonnie Raitt for a decade to countless studio sessions and tours with artists ranging from John Mayall and Crosby, Stills and Nash to Maria Muldaur and Ringo Starr, Freebo has achieved status and respect in a creative and highly competitive field. It would seem reasonable to assume that most musicians would continue along such a well-honed path. But rather than resting on his laurels, Freebo has recorded his first solo album, "The End Of The Beginning", and is releasing it on his own label, Poppabo Music.

Why did he wait until now to emerge as a singer/songwriter? "This record represents a life-long struggle to express the truth within. As much as I enjoyed playing bass on other people's music, it did not fulfill my creative desires. And as I continued to feel incomplete, I continued to search inside, writing down my feelings in the form of poetry, or lyrics. That unlocked something inside of me, something that had been stuck for many years, and it
wasn't long before I began putting music to the lyrics. Thus, the singer/songwriter in me was born, and the dream of complete creative expression finally became reality.

Jay Ungar & Molly Mason

Two of America's best-known folk musicians, known for their work on numerous film and PBS documentary soundtracks. Also well-known as educators, they run the Fiddle & Dance Workshop at Ashokan in upstate New York, where each summer people come to learn traditional music and dance.

Mary McCaslin:

Mary is a legendary folk songwriter from California. She has been out there writing and performing her songs since the sixties in clubs and concerts all over the country as a duo with Jim Ringer and on her own. Mary McCaslin represents an unbroken link between traditional American folksingers and today's "new folk" singer-songwriters. Known for her songs about the West, its landscape, and its outlaws as well as her insightful songs about relationships, Mary has influenced countless other performers.

Greg Prestopino
Tom Prasada-Rao
Artie Traum

Artie Traum was a legendary guitarist, record producer, studio musician, film score composer, songwriter and performer. He was especially well known for his groundbreaking fingerstyle and lead guitar techniques on acoustic guitar, as well as for very contemporary original compositions. He  played recording sessions for performers from The Band to Edie Brickell to Livingston Taylor. His numerous books and videos on guitar-playing have influenced a new generation of guitarists around the world. Artie  toured in Japan, England, France, Norway, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Canada, and across the USA, and has appeared at major festivals in Belgium, Germany, and Denmark and was a beloved teacher at SummerSongs for years.

David West:

David (Play Ball! Musical Services).
Efficient, cost-effective record production for songwriters.

Dennis Yerry:

Dennis is a founder of the group The Hawk Project: a beautiful evocation of Native American music and culture. He has been musical director and composer for the American Indian Dance Theatre; for the theatrical production of Black Elk Speaks in Denver, CO and L.A.; and the Native American Day of Thanksgiving at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC. He is featured in the Ken Burn's documentaries, "Lewis and Clark" and "The West" as well as other film, TV and CD credits.

SummerSongs Teaching Staff:

Scott Ainslie
Severin Browne
Kate Campbell
Craig Carothers
Dave Cook
Mark Dann
Cliff Eberhardt
Kenny Edwards
Bob Franke
Bill Gessner
Steve Gillette
Kim and Reggie Harris
Tom Kimmel
Dale LaDuke
Penny Nichols
Vito Petroccitto
Mae Robertson
David Roth
Cosy Sheridan
Teresa Tudury
Sloan Wainwright
Wendy Waldman
Ina May Wool

SummerSongs Community Members:

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